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Can I clean a shower roof with WD40Why would you need to use WD40? Anyway, I assume it depends upon what the ceiling is definitely made of.Regarding to the actual WD-40 site, after putting the search term “shower” in, it arrived up with the following 8 results (from over 2000 total) of uses for WD-40:8 uses found.* Shines shower doors* Unclogs shower brain* Lubricates shower door rollers* Protects shower minds from rust* Spray in shower doorways to keep them from rusting* Protects grout from mildew in outdoor shower* Removes corrosion from shower chair tires* Memory sticks moisture from wheel bearings in shower door wheels—So, while the roof basically officially about there, I suppose you could, but like whizzer said, might depend about what its made of.It depends upon what the ceiling is made of, Here’s a link that a lot of information regarding that p>

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